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The benefits at a glance

Fully implemented in vt-designer are all the options defined in ISO 11783 for creating Virtual Terminal object pools, together with the functions commonly found in ISOBUS mask generators currently available on the market. But vt-designer also contains a series of additional functions and features which make developing object pools faster, easier and more efficient.

  • Compatibility with the IOP and VTP formats means that you can easily migrate existing ISOBUS projects to the vt-designer and, where required, into the ISOAgLib development environment, too
  • The option of outputting object pools in the open XML format means you can easily incorporate your existing tool chain
  • Emulation mode (live mode) allows user concepts to be developed within an agile process in a joint operation between software and product engineering
  • Numerous user dialogs and user assistants guarantee intuitive operation and optimized object pool design (e.g. project management, smart copy function, bitmap management, dialogs for generating objects and references, color and selection dialogs, generation of macros)
  • The option of setting various pre- or user-defined terminal features makes it easier to customize object pools to specific types of terminal
  • Within a project, any number of language versions of an object pool can be set up and managed
  • Multi-project capability allows you to work on different projects side-by-side and copy material between projects, while also simplifying the use of company-specific design standards
  • vt-designer fully supports use of the proprietary colors, attributes and events set out in ISO 11783
  • The option of freely configuring the size, position and arrangement of program windows (mask view, object browser, attributes window, toolbar) allows you to customize your working environment
  • The Undo/Redo function allows you to reverse and restore individual steps